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Lets go over exactly what we do and how we go about putting cash in your hand for your test strips. Now you may be one of the thousands of citizens living in Southern -Central New Jersey dealing with and managing your life with diabetes. Sometimes, for whatever reason. You may find that have managed to get things under control to the point where you dont need to use as many test strips as you used to before.

So that means that you have ample boxes that are accumulating or collecting desk just sitting and until now, never knew that you could literally get cash for diabetic test strips.  Well we provide a clear cut solution for folks just like yourself and it all starts with just a phone call!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We pay more than our competitors locally and we can guarantee it.

A One-Stop Shop

You never EVER have to mail us a package in order to get your cash. We come to you to pick up

No guessing

You will know exactly how much you will get paid. no games or hoops to jump thru to get the cash for diabetic test strips.

  • our average payout
  • our closest competitors
  • companies asking you to mail in to them

We are qualified

We have been in business since 2015 making sure we give cash for diabetic test strips. Its important to us to build a long term relationship with our customers while providing a vital service. So we have taken the time to make sure we have met certain standards. Our focus is to continue to meet the expectations set for us by the industry and most importantly, Our customers. We care!

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We are Available 24/7!

We focus on a particular service area to be able to laser focus our business. This enables us to give the absolute best customer service experience to our customers. We take pride in being able to meet each and every one of you and place the cash in your hands. It means alot to us to be able to effect the lives of people locally that are dealing with and managing their diabetes..

Call Us Anytime: 609-297-7149