Welcome to New Jersey’s premiere diabetic test strip buying company. We specialize in buying and selling diabetic supplies. We have been in the business since 2015 and have perfected the system of getting our customers cash for diabetic test strips locally in several different counties thruout NJ.

Is it legal?

Absolutely, The number one question we get from new customers is, “is it legal” to sell my extra/unwanted boxes of diabetic test strips? Well of course it is. Diabetic test strips are classified as a “Medical Supply”. As far as the law is concerned, Its just like selling someone an extra pair of crutches that may be laying around in your basement.

cash for diabetic test strips

How does it work

Its simple, We have a easy process that allows us to get you cash in your hand on the spot. We outline the entire system HERE. WSo there is never any guessing or surprises when it comes to dealing with us. Contact us today 609-297-7149 to find out how you can get cash for diabetic test strips that you currently have.

How are we different from others

What makes us different is our simple step by step process. We ONLY work within a certain square mileage from where we live and work. So we literally travel to you (at a safe place agreed upon by both you the customer and us) to buy the boxes of test strips. That eliminates you having to mail a package and hope you get the rest of your money. We pay you ALL of your money as soon as we exchange your diabetic test strip boxes for cash.

What areas do we service?

We serve all of Burlington, Mercer, Camden, Middlesex Counties in New Jersey. This allows us to be able to meet our customers within a reasonable time after accepting our full cash offers for your diabetic test strip boxes. If you have any extra or unwanted boxes and would like to get cash for diabetic test strips you may have. Call us now 609-297-7149 and we will gladly come put cash in your hand today!