Have you ever been worried that you or someone you may know, has type 2 diabetes? Well in this post we’re gonna look at what diabetes signs and symptoms to look out for and what to do about it. So in today’s episode we’re going to talk about the process of blood sugars and the insulin response so we can get a better understanding of the entire process and then we’re going to talk about the signs of diabetes and we’re going to do it in this order.

So when we eat foods like carbohydrate, it’s broken down into glucose which is then absorbed into our bloodstream. Which increases our blood sugar levels. Your body knows that high blood sugar levels are dangerous so it produces and secretes insulin from the pancreas and this insulin goes into the bloodstream and takes out excess sugar from our blood and stores it in the liver, in the muscle and in the fat cells and I hope that made sense.


So that was the normal process which allows blood sugars to maintain a normal level but the problem in type 2 diabetes signs and symptoms is that your cells become desensitised to insulin which in the medical world we call that insulin resistance so the normal process we just spoke about isn’t happening and this is because insulin is constantly elevated in our body and it’s because of many different reasons one of which is eating too many sugary foods now that we understand the basics of type 2 diabetes let’s look at the sign the signs that should be triggering you to speak to your GP. Now take these seriously as early diagnosis and treatment can prevent many future complications.

So let’s begin the first diabetes signs and symptoms is increased urination much more so than normal because your sugar levels are so high not all of it can be reabsorbed and some glucose ends up in your urine which ends up drawing more water next is increased thirst and this works hand-in-hand with the increased urination so you’re weeing more and your body needs more water and it all comes down to osmosis and the sugar in your urine we won’t go into that because you haven’t got all day blurred vision which is a loss of sharpness in one or both eyes so when our blood sugar levels are too high it causes swelling of our limbs.

Now imagine if my camera lens was swollen the image would also be blurry and if this persists over time it can actually cause something called diabetic retinopathy and it’s actually very problematic and if it’s undiagnosed and untreated it can cause blindness the next sign is something called diabetic neuropathy which is nerve related and it happens most commonly in the hands, feet, arms or legs and the symptoms that you get are tingling and numbness feeling and sometimes even pain a reduced ability to heal wounds quickly so why does this happen?

Well again it all comes down to the increased blood sugar levels and this leads to poorer circulation so less blood with oxygen and nutrients can reach the site that’s damaged to promote healing it’s so cold so cold and lastly reoccurring fungal thrush infections in the genital region, the mouth and certain areas of the skin now I’ve left the symptoms of this in the description below so feel free to check it out diabetes can cause serious long-term health problems so take these signs very seriously and also read the description below because I’ve added additional signs which I didn’t have time to fit in the post.

Any of these diabetes signs and symptoms should be triggering you to speak to your GP so don’t risk it hopefully it won’t be diabetes. But always remember that early diagnosis and treatment can prevent many future complications I hope you found this information useful and please help spread the word to friends and family by liking, sharing and tagging hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like, follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly videos and post.