Diabetic Test Strips Buyers Overview

Are you in possession of diabetic test strips? Have you the desire to get rid of it at some point(that is after its useful life lapses) for some handsome cash? Well, thank goodness, because this Godsend content piece could exactly be what you needed to put all the hustles to rest! Pal, as you may pre-empty, we are dubbed NJ Premier Diabetic Test Strips buyers, and we are meant to ease every snag causing hiccups you would have encountered in case! Promise, as you pour over this FAQ page. Stand a chance to carefully analyze all the frequently asked questions about selling your diabetic test strips locally in NJ. Keep reading…

When do we get paid?

A sensitive matter, right? Yes, this outrightly forms one of the most featured FAQ, and our company does not fall short of addressing such. Payments for diabetic test strips, should be a matter resolved there and then ( When the actual delivery of consignment takes place) rather than the constant circus of lame excuses. This means avoiding delays and uncertainty of clients cash. To put this uncertainty to rest, we have devised means of making sure that you get paid immediately on the spot.

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How do I sell my diabetic test strips?

You must be having some diabetic test strips that you aren’t using is that correct? Now with our full-time customer service all available, you can text us or send us a call blah blah blah … Any form of communication works pretty coolly for us because our customers are our priority. Therefore, calling us and telling us which brands you have and the expiration dates, and once you accept our price, we agree upon some place to meet so that we can buy them right then and there.

If it safe/legal?

Yes, absolutely, Diabetic test strips are simply medical supplies. This business of buying diabetic test strips locally in New Jersey is a means of making it possible for people who own these brands to sell them out for cash. And being a medical equipment that its usefulness has elapsed, safety and legality are justifiable attributes this type of business posses. By fact that we are also the leading players, rest assured that all due processes are strictly followed to the latter and you can, therefore, keep your trust intact with us!

what areas do you serve?

Being a reputable company that we are, we have successfully formed networks in and around New Jersey with such places as Burlington, Mercer, Camden, Middlesex counties being our hotspot areas. This makes it even easier to transact and make sure that prompt payments are made as per our existing rules of operation. Do you have the types of equipment we are looking for and domiciled in the counties named above? Look no further!

How much do I get paid per box?

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At diabetic test strips buyers of New Jersey, we boast of price ranges that are sinfully attractive to our customers. For instance, depending on the brand, expiration date, and the condition of the box, the prices fixed based on these variables are justifiable, for example; If you have a box of one-Touch Ultra blue and the box is pristine fresh from the pharmacy, We pay $30 per box provided you just got them from the pharmacy. That means the expiration date is at least a year away, which is why this is considered an essential determining factor.

Why should I choose to sell my diabetic test strips to you?

Because we have revolutionized and streamlined the diabetic test strip buying business, in the past if you wanted to sell your test strips, you would have to either place ads on Craigslist or ebay or send away for a kit to some shady company that would promise you top dollar for your diabetic test strips. But once you received the mailing label and sent them away, they would either never send you the money or would tell you things like “they got damaged in the mail” to avoid paying you. But we changed all that. We literally set a time and place to meet and come pay you the cash in your hands! Doesn’t that prove why we are the better option? Try us and never regret!

Do you buy expired diabetic test strips?

No, we don’t. This is by the fact that whatever we buy from you is useful to other users. Acting as middlemen, a.part from buying the diabetic test strips locally, we also do sell these types of equipment. Going by the fact that, what we obtain from our customers is seemingly replenishment of our stuck for our buyers, expired diabetic test strips have no place in our domain.

Which brands of test strips do you buy?

The brands we have an interest in can never be overemphasized. Going by the currently available on the market brands, we preferably have a high affinity for
One-Touch Ultra Blue, Freestyle, Accu_Chek, Freestyle, and most significant brands relative to their effectiveness.

Should I send pictures of the box from my phone?

YES! Importantly it will help in making a judgment to purchase. Images sent will also be used as a reference point When the types of equipment are physically acquired.

With this FAQ page, I believe you are covered, and all your shadow of doubts are now cleared. Take this chance and hurry up to give us a call 609-297-7149.