Its been a trying time for all Americans. We are in uncharted waters right now and its without a doubt scary for all of us. This morning (a little bit after 7am) I was awakened by a phone call. It was a young man from a city an hour away from me. He stated he had 1 box of diabetic test strips and wanted to know if I could buy it. After asking the usual questions “whats the brand, expiration date, and condition” I told him that I could meet with him later in the day.

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His reply to that was “Sir, I can take the train to meet you now” he went on to say “I need the money now, My kids are hungry” while in the background, I could literally hear his young toddlers asking him for juice and cereal. my heart hear their call, and I immediately got up out of my comfy bed, got dressed without a shower and went to meet this stranger to buy his box of diabetic test strips. This is not the typical way I conduct business. I usually don’t move without a customer sending a picture of the boxes they have. But I knew it was my duty as an human being to help my fellow man out in these strange and new times.

So when we meet up. He shows me the box, (Its in great condition) and as I’m taking out my wallet to pay him. He begins to choke up, and explaining to me (with a few tears coming down his face) how he didn’t mean to wake me up this early and how all he wants to do is make sure his kids eat. He works but since the state shutdown, he hasn’t received a stimulus or unemployment yet and how hard its been for him and his young family.

He spent the previous night woke and stressing while his children slept, about how to earn some money and fast to feed his children and all he could do is hope these people that buy those diabetic test strips were “REAL”.

Well, I paid the man and he went on his way. He will get more and I will buy them. but I added a few more dollars for his 1 box, Not because its worth more, nor because I have it to spare. Simply because I sincerely feel like we are public servants that are here to help people whenever we can.

As a American, I feel we should help when we can, Diabetic Test Strip Buyers all over the nation perform a service everyday that gets fast and much needed money in the hands of folks who at times like these so desperately need it.

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