in good health today the skyrocketing price of prescription drugs is a major concern for most Americans so the rising cost of one medication in particular is causing anger and increasing desperation among people who need it to survive dr. Frank McGeorge is here to explain some seven million Americans rely on insulin to manage their diabetes but the American Diabetes Association says the average price of insulin tripled between 2002 and 2013 and it’s causing some people with diabetes to skip doses or ration their insulin and that can result in serious complications or even death meanwhile other patients are turning to Canada where they’re paying up to 10 times less per vial Adam Cosi is an insulin dependent diabetic his cost for a vial of insulin shot up from 40 to 135 dollars even though he has insurance I was exasperated paying so much for my for my drugs you know I need this to keep myself alive Adams.


Dr.Errol Hurst told him he could drive to a pharmacy in Canada save money and get more than the one-month supply the guy immediately knew I was American so it was just clear to me that you know I’m not the first American to do this with him it just infuriates me to no end that this drug that we’ve had for almost 100 years is inaccessible for so many people a diabetic himself dr. Hirsch has studied insulin prices for decades he says Humalog went from $24 a vial when it came out in nineteen ninety six to three hundred dollars full retail now people can get Humalog in Canada for $32 Canadian that means they’re making money on that $30.00 vial of insulin which in the u.s. at a retail cost is ten times that price he says the difference is Canada regulates drug costs the US does not we are now hearing of not just hospitalizations for people who have rationed or run out of their insulin but now this year we are hearing about deaths highlighting the high-risk nature of this growing crisis now there are a lot of reasons for the rise and insulin prices and a number of efforts are being made to fight it in fact several insulin makers are named in class-action lawsuit for alleged price fixing and the companies themselves are launching programs to make insulin more affordable now the best thing patients can do is talk to your doctor about the issue to find out what options are available and the safest back to you

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