You found this page because you want to know “how to sell my diabetic test strips” and if its legal? You may also want to know just exactly does the process work. Well we have laid out a step by step system that allows you to get paid whenever you have extra or unwanted boxes of your diabetic test strips and the best thing about our services is that you never have to mail anything out.

how to sell diabetic test strips

You Start the Process off By Calling Us

And telling us which brand of diabetic test strips you have. It helps to send pictures along with that information. That way we can immediately confirm the condition of the box and be able to give you a more accurate price. We realize the process is new to most of our new customers. So we dont mind holding your hand so to speak to show you exactly how to sell diabetic test strips if its your first time doing business with us.

Once you tell us which brands you have

And we receive the pictures of the box, We only need the expiration date printed somewhere on the box to finish our quote. After we tell you exactly how much we pay for your boxes of diabetic test strips. Its time to agree upon a time & place to meet up and exchange, that is safe for both of us.

diabetic test strips

We Meet Up and Put Cash in Your Hand

And on the spot for your boxes of diabetic test strips. With us you never have to worry about mailing your boxes off and getting ripped off on the 2nd half like most fly by night companies do. We totally eliminate that by ONLY dealing locally in New Jersey. So we can provide the customer service that you deserve.

You see our 3 step process is simple

And we have perfected it thru trial and error and time in the business. So the next time you find yourself with any extra/unwanted boxes of diabetic test strips. Call us 609-297-7149 or submit a form below and we will spring into action.