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Who Buys Diabetic Test Strips in NJ?

Most of us realize that some diabetic test strips do not require a doctor’s prescription because they are considered durable medical equipment and can be purchased at any pharmacy or online. The primary purpose of obtaining an order written by the doctor is that a health insurance company can cover the strips to offset the astronomical retail costs.

With a cover,

the patient usually pays only a small fee. The amount of sugar in the blood is controlled by the production of insulin inside the body. Because people with diabetes cannot make enough insulin to regulate and break down glucose properly, blood sugar is too high and prevents the body from adequately converting food into energy. The high level of sugar in the blood in the human body leads to diabetes.

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The treatment of diabetes

varies depending on the type and severity of diabetes. Treatments may include a low glycemic index diet, routine exercise, oral medications, and insulin injections. The goal of any diabetes is to keep your blood sugar levels as close as possible to the normal range. People who can keep blood sugar levels under control can live a long and healthy life.

If left untreated,

the damaging effects of diabetes on sugar will increase levels of high blood pressure, kidney failure, vision loss and even extremities. These are several problems that can arise from being diabetic out of control. Do not waste excess supply or unused diabetic test strips. It is an excellent way to transport much-needed test supplies for those who do not have coverage and cannot afford the high recycling costs.

All people with diabetes should have a blood sugar test kit.

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